It all started with Bill and Betty Boggs (The B&B in B&B!) began managing a new mobile home park “Green Acres” back in 1962! (This was before the interstates went in!) 

After managing the park for a short time, Bill and Betty took a real interest in mobile homes and became a retailer for Ritz Craft and Baron Homes out of Northern Indiana. They sold a few homes and placed them in the park.  At the age of 12, their son Dennis started helping out with the construction and operation of the park, setting up homes and also working at the Sinclair Service station that his Mom and Dad owned also. They were busy folks as they also acquired a wrecker service and got calls at all hours of the day and night, which when Dennis became a driver he was active in. 

From there, in 1979 they bought the property that is presently the site of B&B Homes on North Route 45, just 2 miles North of the Interstate Intersection of I57 and I70 where Dennis continued to help transport, set and maintenance the homes throughout the years.

Dennis purchased B&B (Mobile) Homes in 1992 with his partner, Bob Huey.  Bob moved on but Dennis remained and the business has flourished and grown ever since.  He took great pride in having happy customers by providing excellent service and homes that meet needs/wants and make dreams come true.  Affordable, efficient homes for local, hardworking families. 

Heather came to work for Dennis in 1996 as the Sales Manager.  It has been Heather’s dream to more directly continue with her passion in helping families purchase homes they can easily afford. That dream has come true as she purchased the business from Dennis when he retired!