Modular Housing Advantages

At B&B Homes in Effingham, our modular (System-built) homes are constructed to the same or even more stringent Illinois codes than site-constructed or "stick-built" homes.

  On-Site Built Home                     Vs. Commodore Modular Home
Foundation Masonry Foundation Crawlspace or Basement  Same
Strength Structure Secured to Anchor Bolted Sill Plate Same
Floors 2x10 Floor Joist Same
Walls 2x6 Exterior Walls Same
Cabinets KCMA Certified - each section has its own sides/back & bottom Same
Interior Wall Finish 1/2" Drywall with Taped and Mudded Joints Same
Interior Trim Residential Mouldings Same
Personalization Custom Floorplans and Features Same
Financing Traditional Mortgage Financing Products Same
Insuring Traditional Homeowners Insurance Products Same

If the building requirements ,materials and financial products are the same, then why does traditional on-site building cost you more than building a modular home?

  • Regardless of your building site location, building a Commodore modular home cost is fi xed based on the plan and features you select. By on-site building, your builder will have to factor in costs associated with each tradesman's daily travel to your site and elements of weather delays..
  • On-site builders purchase materials from local building supply stores, purchasing materials as needed. Commodore modular homes take advantage of purchasing materials in bulk and purchasing some materials directly from the manufacturer paying less for the same product.
  • When on-site building a home, labor costs are typically half of the total home cost. Building homes more effi ciently by using an assembly line and long term employees, the labor rate is greatly reduced.
  • When pricing your project, on site builders factor in additional costs based on history;
    such as theft , weather damage and unforeseen cost overruns. Since modular materials are
    stored indoors, built in a controlled environment and delivered to you nearly complete,
    the costs protecting the builder's profit margin are not necessary.

Modular Lumber - Neatly Stored Indoors

On-Site Built Lumber - Outdoor Storage

Modular Building Weather

On-Site Built Building Weather

Time is Money!

Time to build a home on-site can range from 6 to 18 months depending on size and complexity. Modular homes are completed signifi cantly quicker

Most builders require a construction loan. Construction loans pay builders at pre-determined milestones during the project, named draws. You pay interest on the draw balance until the project is complete. In addition to construction interest, you may be paying to live elsewhere (rent, utilities) while your home project is being completed. So, quicker construction time saves you money.

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