Heather Mumma

Owner & President

Heather came to B&B Homes 18 years ago from the banking industry. She gained insight and knowledge of the industry from her mentor, Dennis Boggs and from in-depth study of the likes of successes; like Kevin Clayton, Warren Schwepfinger and George Allen.

She has developed a real and sincere passion for helping families find the perfect home that’s affordable, yet luxurious.

She focuses her efforts on making a custom home that fits each unique set of needs; tailored to how families live their daily lives TOGETHER.

Heather enjoys cooking, playing volleyball, social networking and spending time with her own family. Her two daughters, Miriah (23) and Veronika (13) keep her busy and happy outside of work.

Make an appointment with her today so she can give your family her time and attention. She’s now helped over 1200 families find and build their own home and would be honored to help yours do the same!

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