School Tours & Community Involvement

B&B Homes and the Boggs Family have supported many Veteran’s groups and local High Schools (sports, theatrics, the arts, pageants, post-proms, etc.) throughout the years. We are extremely thankful for our military, past and present and believe in our community’s future!

Call us to plan a free, organized tour and fun presentation for your class or community group.

We will provide light refreshments and you will be given a delightful, guided tour of our homes. You’ll be able to get some unique tips on home decorating from our in-house interior designer and learn some basic business principles as well. You can see and touch the finest in home-design materials and have fun creating your own “virtual” house design to take home.

B&B Homes has been in business for 50 years so we believe we’ve learned a lot and we’re happy to pass that along to the future of our community!